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Caesar Rodney
dirt road

... The district officially came into existence as State Consolidated District No. 1 on July 1, 1915 under the authority of a state consolidation law. Shortly thereafter residents of the area voted 52 to 1 to approve a $12,000 bond to supplement an $18,000 appropriation from the state for the construction of a new school building for grades one through twelve. Not long after that the school board adopted the name of Caesar Rodney for the district and school in honor of the Revolutionary War hero and statesman who had made his home near St. Jones Neck in the eastern part of the county....

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Teacher of the Year at Fred Fifer Middle

Joy Eanes

Joy Eanes teaches eighth grade social studies to special needs students at Fred Fifer Middle School in Camden. With 11 years teaching experience, Joy earned a Bachelors degree in Education and a Master of Education from the University of Delaware. “I became a teacher to encourage middle school students to overcome their obstacles with self-confidence and hard work. The small incidental moments in a child’s life can make all the difference to their self worth. I am here to help children become kind, thoughtful, happy adults who can accept challenges and solve problems. One person put my life on the right track in eighth grade, and I continue to teach hoping I can provide others the encouragement they need for a successful life.”