Caesar Rodney
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... The district officially came into existence as State Consolidated District No. 1 on July 1, 1915 under the authority of a state consolidation law. Shortly thereafter residents of the area voted 52 to 1 to approve a $12,000 bond to supplement an $18,000 appropriation from the state for the construction of a new school building for grades one through twelve. Not long after that the school board adopted the name of Caesar Rodney for the district and school in honor of the Revolutionary War hero and statesman who had made his home near St. Jones Neck in the eastern part of the county....

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W. Reily Brown Elementary

School Info

Address: 360 Webbs Lane, Dover DE 19904
Telephone: (302) 697-2101
Principal: Dr. Susan Frampton

Website: W. Reily Brown Elementary

School Year: August 24th to June 2nd
School Hours:
Full day -8:30 am to 3:10pm
Grades: 1 - 5th

Additional Info

School Menus: Breakfast & Lunch (changes Monthly)
Students per Teacher: 15
School Calendar: 2011 - 2012 (PDF)
Department of Education: Specific Information
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About W. Reily Brown

W. Reily Brown Elementary is proud of its many exemplary programs! Qualified students participate in our Talented and Gifted (TAG) program, which includes the annual Odyssey of the Mind competition at the University of Delaware. Fourth and fifth graders have the opportunity to serve on Student Council, which conducts school spirit days and runs the school store. Third graders make and sell their own products during Market Day. WRB also hosts an annual Art Fair, several chorus & band concerts, and quarterly movie nights for students and family members. Our annual Wax Museum, featuring famous historical figures live and in costume, is a must-see! Students at our school finish out the year with their families at the annual Read and Relax Picnic on the last day of school.


The Caesar Rodney School District has established a curriculum development process which supports alignment to the existing Delaware State Standards and Grade Level Expectations. This process involves teacher and administrative input through a Curriculum Cabinet and Council process. The preparation of our students as life-long learners in a global community of the 21st century society is the unifying objective of this process. The curriculum not only identifies essential knowledge and skills, but also supports students' development in problem solving and gathering and using resources that will enable them to succeed. Each content area (English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Visual and Performing Arts, World Languages, Physical Education, Health, and Family and Consumer Sciences) also has an Assessment OF Learning and Assessment FOR Learning component to support students in the learning process and to determine specific performance relative to the standards.

Aftercare Program

Before and Aftercare information

  Our Mission

We believe that each person should be accepted into the educational program as he or she is, and that he or she is offered an opportunity to attain his / her potential -- physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. It is our aim to help each child develop a positive self-image. It is our desire to help each child recognize and accept responsibilities as a citizen in the community and democratic world, and to teach a sound value system that will guide his or her contact in daily life.