Caesar Rodney
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... The district officially came into existence as State Consolidated District No. 1 on July 1, 1915 under the authority of a state consolidation law. Shortly thereafter residents of the area voted 52 to 1 to approve a $12,000 bond to supplement an $18,000 appropriation from the state for the construction of a new school building for grades one through twelve. Not long after that the school board adopted the name of Caesar Rodney for the district and school in honor of the Revolutionary War hero and statesman who had made his home near St. Jones Neck in the eastern part of the county....

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Boys & Girls Club
School Site Childcare Program
(Befor e & After Care)

Located in Allen Frear, Star Hill, Stokes, WRB, WBS, Charlton, MECCC, Fifer and Postlethwait

The School Site Childcare Program (SSCCP) goal is to “teach through play,” incorporating the Common Core State Standards and DE STARS Standards to provide opportunities for the children in the program to become proficient in basic educational disciplines, apply learning to everyday situations, develop positive use of leisure time, social skills, stress management and cultural awareness. 

Each SSCCP includes: homework help, physical activities and healthy life styles with each section lasting about thirty to forty-five minutes.
 Exact time schedules are structured to meet the needs and flow of each individual program. All programs provide the children with a nutritious snack upon arrival to the program.  Menus are designed according to Office of Child Care Licensing regulations and are provided through the Child and Adult Food Program.

Weekly Rates
Before Care $50.00 per week
After Care $65.00 per week
Before and After Care $80.00
Casual Care $30.00/ day
POC/POC Plus Accepted

Hours of Operation
Before School Program: 6:30 to start of school day
After School Program: Dismissal
Until 6:00 PM

Call for Information:
MECCC 270-5820
Stokes 757-5414
Charlton 757-5108
Star hill 747-5948
Fifer 270-5817
Postlethwait 270-5817

Boys & Girls Club

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